At WasteAid, we work with communities and policy makers in lower and middle income countries to implement waste management and recycling programmes.



1 in 3 people worldwide are forced to dump or burn their waste, causing disease, polluting the oceans, and contributing to the global climate crisis.



Our work improves livelihoods, promotes circular economy innovation and contributes to a cleaner and healthier future for all.

Together for Waste Management

5-10% of climate change emissions are caused by open burning of waste

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Find out how we’re working with diverse global partners to shine a spotlight on waste at COP26.

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9 million people die every year from diseases linked to waste and pollution

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Read about the links between waste, clean water and improved sanitation and health.

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Keeping materials in the loop boosts local economies and livelihoods

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See how we’re supporting grassroots innovation for a circular economy.

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WasteAid Annual Review 2020_21

WasteAid’s Annual Review 2020/21

WasteAid’s first annual review focuses on our developments and most important successes since April 2020. It shares key figures, programme and partnership spotlights, and our newly developed Theory of Change.

The Annual Review also takes the opportunity to look ahead to our vision of inclusive waste management and practical examples of our solutions and approach.

“WasteAid’s achievements over the last 18 months are testament to the dedication of our team and the clear and pressing need for better waste management globally. Despite the pandemic we have managed to develop sustainable and scalable models, support innovation in lower- and middle-income countries, engage with policy makers, and build highly impactful corporate and institutional partnerships.”

Ceris Turner-Bailes, WasteAid Chief Executive

> Explore WasteAid’s first Annual Review

WasteAid promotes and shares locally appropriate, evidence based and inclusive waste management practices, supporting and empowering others to take positive action.

Partnering with public, private and community-based organisations in countries where poor waste management is harming the environment, economy and society.

Sharing skills with international non-governmental organisations with our bespoke approach to sustainable waste management, not least through our award winning toolkit.

Cooperating with businesses and governments to help address the global waste crisis.

Theory of Change summary

Theory of Change

WasteAid has developed a rigorous approach to monitoring and evaluation and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to demonstrate the positive impacts of sustainable resource management.

This data will in turn be useful in convincing more politicians and policy makers to facilitate waste collection services in their areas, as well as attracting more institutional and corporate partners who are looking to make a measurable impact towards reducing climate emissions, preventing marine plastic pollution, and supporting sustainable livelihoods in some of the poorest parts of the world.

> See how better waste management improves people’s lives and delivers long-term change

Sustainable Development Goals

Now is the time to recognise waste management is vital for global sustainable development

There are more than 7 billion of us, and we’re producing waste every day. A staggering half of that waste isn’t collected, treated or safely disposed of, and it’s causing a global waste crisis.

> See how making progress in addressing waste management issues will contribute directly to 12 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Waste and the Sustainable Development Goals
WasteAid and Huhtamaki partnership in Ho Chi Minh City 2021

Corporate partnerships

WasteAid receives crucial support from businesses with shared values.

Becoming a WasteAid supporter will help you:

  • Meet your business social and environmental objectives
  • Help communities linked through your supply chain
  • Make a positive impact on global poverty, pollution and climate change
  • Motivate your staff and encourage team building

> See how you can start making an impact today


PROJECT SPOTLIGHT – UK Aid Match in Cameroon

WasteAid’s supporters with matched funding from the UK government are helping to stop plastic pollution in the Cameroon estuary.

Working with local partners, WasteAid is training 164 people to collect and recycle plastic waste in the coastal city of Douala, Cameroon.

Former International Development Secretary Alok Sharma said: “I am delighted the UK government has matched the British public’s generous donations to WasteAid’s ‘Widening the Net’ appeal. This funding will help train people across Cameroon to collect and recycle plastic waste, especially in areas where rubbish is not collected, allowing them to take an active role in protecting their environment.”

> Read the latest update from Douala, Cameroon

man standing in river of plastic

WasteAid is an independent UK-based international non-governmental organisation, with current programmes in:

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With your support more people can create recycling jobs, building a healthier future for everyone.

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