Poorly Managed Waste is a Climate Issue

1 in 3 people worldwide are forced to dump or burn their waste. This creates significant climate emissions and negative health impacts. Waste management is a cost-effective solution for the planet and people in the #RacetoZero.

Why Waste Can’t be Ignored

Why is waste a critical issue for the climate? WasteAid organised and participated in a series of events at COP26 in Glasgow to put waste management, open burning and public health on the agenda.

Official COP26 side event front screen

A Wasted Opportunity: Open Burning of Waste Causes a Climate and Health Calamity

Climate emissions from open burning of waste are double that of aviation but rarely acknowledged, while health impacts are deadly. Global leaders discuss solutions to eliminate open burning, and how to address it in NDCs. 

A burning issue? WasteAid & Bright Blue Panel event front cover

The Burning Issue? Waste, Climate, Health and Development

Exploring the true impact open burning of waste is having on climate change, and what changes need to be made – by both government and the private sector – to improve waste management globally.

Open burning of waste contributes up to 10% of global climate emissions.

9 million people die every year from diseases linked to waste and pollution.

The case for mitigating black carbon - COP event

The Case for Mitigating Black Carbon 

Strategies and tools that governments can use to develop strategies to reduce black carbon in the waste sector and capture the public health co-benefits associated with these reductions.

Recycling E-Waste for a Low Carbon Technology Future

WasteAid welcomes Circular Innovation Hub, musicMagpie and global waste trade journalist Adam Minter from Bloomberg to discuss how electronic waste impacts climate change.

WasteAid’s Perspective @ COP26

Introduction: WasteAid & COP26

Waste, Climate & Health

Waste, Climate & Finance

Waste, Climate & Inclusivity

The Waste & Climate Panel

A collection of articles and videos with waste management thought leaders from around the world – including researchers, businesses, municipalities and specialist organisations. More perspectives coming soon.

Technology: How Used Solar Panels are Powering the Developing World

Adam Minter



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Circular Innovation Hub: Improving the Livelihoods of Women Waste Pickers in Ghana

Cordie Aziz

Cordie Aziz

Environment 360

Founder & Director

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Why Governments Need to Give More Attention to Waste Management as a Climate Issue

Sandra Mazo-Nix

Sandra Mazo-Nix

UN Climate Change and Clean Air Coalition

Municipal Solid Waste Coordinator

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Better waste and resource management can contribute significantly to climate mitigation


David Wilson

David Wilson

Imperial College London

Visiting Professor

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Waste as a Valuable Secondary Resource Material – the Paradigm Shift

Charles Heaulme Huhtamaki

Charles Héaulmé


Chief Executive

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From Business-as-usual to a Circular Economy: raising ambition for climate action


Johannes Paul

Johannes Paul



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Joining the Dots: Addressing the Climate Crisis Means Transformational Change


Kirsteen Harrison

Kirsteen Harrison


Board Advisor

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The growing problem of e-waste should play a bigger role in the climate change debate


Steve Oliver, musicMagpie CEO

Steve Oliver


Founder & CEO

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Stop Waste, Save Lives

Adopting sustainable and inclusive waste management practices will create healthier and more resilient communities across the world – accelerating the #RaceToZero.

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