Moses Noah is the WasteAid project officer in Kenya, helping deliver sustainable waste management solutions in his community of Kwa Muhia.

The project is funded by UK Aid for two years under the Small Charities Challenge Fund. Read more about the context and goals of the project here.

Here is Moses in his own words…

“I grew up on Crescent Island on the shores of Lake Naivasha. Nature is everything there, but it was during my tourism management degree that I really became interested in the environment.”

“After traveling around most parts of the country, I made the decision to become an agent of change and lead by example.”

Moses joined the Kwa Muhia Environmental Group and is now the field officer for the partnership with WasteAid, funded by UK Aid. He is learning more about waste management and loves sharing his ideas and inspiration.

For example, Moses is cutting glass bottles and transforming them into personalised glassware for local eco-lodges. He is also using plastic bottles to make bird feeders, and has many more ideas where they came from.

“I am longing for the day when WasteAid will run a mega project on waste management in Kenya and to offer waste management courses around the globe. I would also like to go down in history as one of the youngest recycling inventors.”

“There are currently 20 million people working with waste. I want my creations to help deliver the global goals for sustainable development, and to travel all over the world as a waste trouble-shooter. I have a positive and dedicated mindset and am really motivated by recovering value from waste.”

Other members of the WasteAid often send Moses ideas from other parts of the world. Recently we shared the work of Monique Fagan of Junkanew in South Africa, which inspired Moses to transform HDPE oil bottles into these creative planters.

Do you have other ideas you’d like to share?

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