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It’s easy to take a rubbish collection for granted, but in many places there are no binmen. Rubbish accumulates in streets and riverbeds and makes people ill. By donating you can help share recycling skills around the world so that people can stop waste pollution and keep their families healthy.

Children growing up where there is no rubbish collection suffer from a wide range of diseases. Huge waste dumps attract vermin and pollute drinking water, adding to the unhealthy environment. Waste thrown into rivers reaches the ocean and harms marine life and seabirds. People will often set their rubbish on fire just to get rid of it, sending thick black smoke into the air and causing climate change emissions. 

People simply need a better way to deal with their waste!


burning waste causes disease and climate change


WasteAid partners with community groups, councils and businesses around the world to boost recycling rates. Nobody wants to live around rubbish, so by sharing skills we can all be part of the solution.

Your donation will be used to help train people to collect, sort and recycle their rubbish, keeping it out of the environment and building healthier communities. Recycling prevents marine plastic pollution and climate change, and helps provide jobs among some of the poorest communities on earth.

Didier recycling plastic in Cameroon
Damaris recycling plastic into paving tiles in Cameroon
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How will your donation…

Protect the environment?

Your donation will be used to help people collect and recycle rubbish, keeping it off the streets and out of rivers. A cleaner environment helps wildlife flourish and reduces climate change emissions.

Protect children’s health?

A clean town is a healthy town. Children are the most vulnerable to diseases caused by dumped and burning rubbish. Your donation will help protect young children and give them a better chance in life.

Help people work their way out of poverty?

A lack of employment opportunities means many young people have to leave their hometowns in search of work. By sharing recycling skills that people can use locally, your donation will help people stay with their families and build a green local economy.

Support lifelong skills?

By supporting this appeal, you are supporting training and employment for vulnerable and marginalised people who have few opportunities in life. By sharing these skills, you are giving people a chance to support themselves and their families for the long-term. 


WasteAid plastic recycling trainees in Douala, Cameroon

How will the impacts be measured?

WasteAid measures positive impacts in different ways, so that we can share with you (our supporters) how your generous donations have made a difference.


Number of people who are making a living from collecting and recycling rubbish

Number of community members benefitting from a cleaner and healthier environment


Amount of waste recycled and composted

Marine plastic pollution avoided by providing an alternative to dumping

Climate change emissions avoided by providing an alternative to open burning


Improvement in people’s income from turning rubbish into new products

Local economic benefits from people buying recycled products


Your donation will help WasteAid expand its recycling training programmes to more towns and cities in Cameroon. You can help put an end to marine plastic pollution by ensuring plastic waste is collected before it reaches the sea, and reduce climate change emissions by empowering people to do something better with their rubbish than burning it.

It’s always good to recycle, especially in places with no rubbish collection and high unemployment.


Spread some recycling joy this Earth Day!

Donate via the Big Give to have your gift doubled.


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