There’s no magic formula to finding happiness in your job, but here at WasteAid we know that bringing your passion to work every day really helps. We are a small but incredibly motivated team of waste managers, development experts and charity professionals and the one thing we all have in common is our heartfelt commitment to fight the global waste crisis.


If, like us, you’re passionate about the environment then we challenge you to bring that sentiment to work, no matter what you do for a living. People who support WasteAid through their workplace make an incredible impact, and you could too. Here are five simple ways to help you to take the first steps towards fighting climate change, reducing plastic pollution and making a cleaner and healthier future for everyone.

Carolyn Couch skydiving for WasteAid

You don’t have to skydive to raise money for WasteAid (unless you really want to)


1. Set up payroll giving

Payroll giving is a simple and tax-efficient way to donate to WasteAid through your pay packet. Donations are taken after National Insurance but before tax. A donation of £5 per month actually costs you as the employee only £4 from your take-home pay (if you pay 20% tax) or £3 (if you pay 40% tax).

We LOVE our payroll givers. A regular gift through payroll giving allows WasteAid to plan ahead and ultimately we can support more people through our projects when our donors give in this way.

Earn some good karma and ask your employer if they have a payroll giving scheme that you can join. If they don’t have a scheme already then share this link so they can see all the benefits of setting one up.

Payroll giving has a high effort-to-reward ratio, because once your colleagues are signed up your work is done, but your positive impact will continue grow every month.



2. Ask your boss to match your donation

This is a powerful and under-used way to double (or even triple) your impact.

Many employers offer a pound-for-pound matched giving scheme, to support the charities that their employees care about. This usually applies to payroll giving, fundraising and even volunteer hours that you as an employee have contributed. You can effectively double your efforts by applying to have your funds matched.

Some legendary employers bring their top clients in on the fun as well, so for every £10 you raise, your employer and their client will match it, tripling your positive impact!

If your work doesn’t have a match fund they might still make a direct donation or contribute to your fundraising for WasteAid if you explain what you’re doing and why. Let your passion shine as it speaks volumes about you, and the values you bring to work every day.




3. Nominate WasteAid to become your official charity partner

Corporate-charity partnerships are about more than just money. When WasteAid works in partnership with a company, we get the chance to build meaningful relationships and raise awareness of our cause with new audiences.

If your company already has an official charity partner, the chances are that they were chosen because someone nominated them as a cause close to their hearts. If WasteAid is close to your heart, get nominating. If you’re not sure who makes the decisions about charity partnerships, speak to your HR or Marketing team.



4. Create unforgettable experiences by making use of volunteering days

More and more employers, both big and small, are starting to offer paid volunteering days as a part of their benefit package for their team members. Think of how much fun you could have during a day fundraising for WasteAid!

Your fundraising idea could be as traditional or as wacky as you like. From sponsored walks to online cooking experiences, if you need dedicated time to arrange your fundraiser then that’s volunteering folks. Ask HR if your company encourages volunteering days, and get yours booked in the diary.



5. Share your passion

Finally, our most important tip is to be confident in speaking up and sharing your passion for the environment. As a WasteAid supporter you’re demonstrating that you care about our planet and that it’s not ok for 1 in 3 people globally to have to dump or burn their waste.

Let your employer know that you care and help raise awareness of WasteAid and the ways that our brilliant programmes help.

One thing you could do today? Donate a social media post on each of your channels. Just a simple shout out to your connections could go a long way in boosting our cause on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, all @WasteAid.


To learn more about how your company could change the world with WasteAid, or to start building memorable fundraising experiences with your team, get in touch with Megan Senior, Partnerships & Engagement Manager at WasteAid.

Megan Senior (photo Nelly Naylor Photography)

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