WasteAid’s pilot project proves that everyone can help stop plastic pollution.

Turning plastic waste into durable products is what WasteAid’s plastics recycling specialist Pierre Kamsouloum does best.

In a coastal village in the Gambia, Pierre and the WasteAid team have been training their second group of recyclers to collect, sort and process plastic waste. Together, they are stopping millions of plastic bags from polluting the environment, and making useful products in the process.

WasteAid is always finding better ways to make use of plastic waste.

The paving tiles we taught people to make in January are proving popular, with customers lining up already. Once people understood how strong and durable they are, they could see the sense in using this material for paving.

Now we are making roof tiles from plastic waste. These lightweight tiles require less timber in the roof and are much more durable than traditional tiles.

The roof tiles are made in much the same way as the paving tiles.

The plastic waste is sorted carefully to make sure only clean, dry LDPE goes into the melting drum. LDPE stands for low-density polyethylene and is widely used in plastic bags and film wrap.

The plastic is melted over a low heat and mixed with sand. Then it is transferred to a tile mould where it sets. After a short time it is ready to use. The whole process from melting to having a finished product takes less than an hour.

The finished products look great and are of a high quality. Different mould shapes and patterns produce different designs.

Best of all, each of these tiles is stopping pollution of the air, land and ocean.

Train the Trainers

As well as training people from the coastal village of Gunjur, this project funded by UK Aid is also training a team of trainers from Women’s Initiative the Gambia who can train other communities throughout the country.

You can help amplify our impact

Until 31 July 2019, all donations to WasteAid will be doubled by UK government. We are fundraising to develop a plastics recycling training centre in the coastal city of Douala in Cameroon.

You can help drive innovation in the battle against plastic pollution. Find out more about our Widening the Net appeal here.

Read more about our appeal

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