Challenges - plastics

Plastics: PET (polyethylene tetraphthalate)

While PET (polyethylene tetraphthalate, used for drinks bottles) is technically 100% recyclable, much of it ends up as litter in the environment. Why? Most uses for PET are in food and drink packaging. Using recycled PET in food and drink packaging is costly because...

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Plastics: OPP (oriented polypropylene)

Flexible packaging plastic known as OPP and BOPP (oriented and biaxially oriented polypropylene) is a very shiny plastic, often perfectly clear or brightly coloured, and not stretchy at all. It is commonly used for packaging and presentation e.g. the outer packaging...

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Plastics: EPS (expanded polystyrene)

What useful products can be made from waste expanded polystyrene (EPS)? This white foam-like plastic is used in packaging applications like the molded chunks around televisions and packing peanuts. It prevents products from being broken in transit and is the lightest...

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