Imagine the bin men are on strike. Forever.

More than 3 billion people don’t have waste services.

It’s causing a public health crisis.

Waste management isn’t rocket science. It’s a vital health service, and an engine for sustainable development.

We know what needs to be done and how to do it.

We have the knowledge, experience and technologies.

All we are missing is the political will.

Our vision is a world in which waste causes no harm, and where people in poverty are empowered to recover its value.

Helping communities and governments manage their waste properly is vital if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Waste management has a powerful and positive impact on people’s well-being.

Waste and the SDGs

Forty per cent of the world’s waste – from homes, businesses, agriculture, hospitals and industry – is not collected or treated.

Open dumping and burning of waste causes many serious health problems and pollutes the environment. Open dumps encourage vermin, poison air, land and water, and often result in waste entering the sea and harming marine life.

Only 0.3% of international development aid is invested in solid waste management, yet it is crucial to delivering many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

WasteAid is campaigning to increase international aid to 3% of total spend in order for waste management to fulfill its potential as an engine for sustainable development. These reports provide detailed information about the global waste crisis – and economic, environmental and health benefits of better waste management:

WasteAid is actively seeking partners and donors within the development community and waste management sector. By working together with WasteAid UK, organisations can amplify the positive impact of solid waste management on many people’s lives.

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