• WasteAid has agreed a new partnership to deliver its flagship UK Aid Match funded programme with a private-sector enterprise based in Douala, RED-PLAST. This new partnership will contribute enormously to WasteAid’s existing work in Cameroon.
  • The ongoing programme prevents plastics from entering the ocean whilst training marginalised and vulnerable people in waste management and recycling skills.
  • This partnership means that programme participants will have an opportunity of long-term employment in the waste sector once the programme finishes.
  • Partnership secures better outcome for people and planet.

WasteAid is pleased to announce a new partnership with RED-PLAST (Eco Collect) in Douala, a private sector organisation that has been delivering waste collection, recycling and manufacturing services in Douala for over five years. Given RED-PLAST’s success in the sector, WasteAid is delighted to have engaged them in the current project. RED-PLAST is well-established in Douala and throughout Cameroon and their contribution to the WasteAid programme will support participants to find employment in the formal waste management sector.

In Cameroon, RED-PLAST is an approved government supplier for products with recycled content and their role in the programme will have an immediate and positive impact on WasteAid’s work.

Rodrigue Ngonde, RED-PLAST General Manager said: “RED-PLAST is happy to work alongside WasteAid to step up the fight against plastic waste pollution in Douala and the creation of green jobs, mainly for underprivileged populations.”

Rodrigue Ngonde_RED PLAST
RED PLAST team in Douala, Cameroon

In spring 2019, donations from WasteAid’s supporters were matched by the UK government under the UK AID match funding scheme which aims to reduce poverty and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Close to £200,000 was raised to prevent plastics pollution in the Cameroon estuary and Atlantic Ocean.

Since then, WasteAid has been working with its network on the ground to support vulnerable and marginalised people in the coastal city of Douala to become plastic recycling entrepreneurs. The programme participants will include unemployed youth, vulnerable women and those less physically able.

Alongside waste collection and plastic sorting skills, the participants will gain business skills and build relationships with local companies, markets and local councils. The overall aim is the reduction of ocean bound plastics in Douala through a scalable model, that offers plastic recycling opportunities, as well as livelihoods support and income generation for those who need it most.


Participants are now being recruited and will undergo training on one of the four key elements in their journey to becoming waste entrepreneurs.

  • Waste collection and sorting
  • Fabrication of products using waste plastics
  • Commercial skills
  • Community sensitisation and communication campaigns


Ceris Turner-Bailes, WasteAid CEO said: “Sharing waste management expertise with vulnerable young people and women and those less physically able is a vital element of WasteAid’s work. By partnering with RED-PLAST, we are improving the economic outlook of participants by embedding them into an existing successful enterprise with the opportunity for long term employment. In this programme, our focus is to stop ocean plastics pollution through locally appropriate solutions and with our comprehensive approach this programme will contribute to the achievement of at least 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our model is cost-effective, scalable and impactful, and supports people who are most in need. We will be posting regular updates from Douala to share our experience and successes, so please sign up to the WasteAid newsletter for more good news stories.”

River of plastic in Douala, Cameroon

If you would like to support WasteAid trainees in combatting plastic pollution before it reaches the sea, please consider a one-off or regular donation.

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