The WasteAid toolkit, Making Waste Work, was awarded third place in the prestigious International Solid Waste Association’s annual publication prize.

This year’s edition of the ISWA Publication Award attracted 15 strong submissions tackling a variety of pressing topics on the global waste management agenda.

The first prize was awarded to the book ‘Challenging Changes, Connecting Waste Hierarchy and Circular Economy‘ authored by Ad Lansink, the creator of the Ladder of Lansink waste hierarchy.

Second prize was awarded to ‘Inclusion of Informal Collectors into the Evolving Waste Management System in Serbia – A Roadmap for Integration’ by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

Third prize was awarded to ‘Making Waste Work: A Toolkit’ by Zoë Lenkiewicz and Mike Webster from WasteAid UK respectively. Zoë collected the prize at the Awards Gala during the ISWA World Congress 2018.

Making Waste Work is a free online publication that informs, inspires and empowers communities to manage their own waste locally. It was produced for the billions of people with no waste management service, to empower them to take control of the situation themselves to protect public health, generate a small income, and protect the local and global environment.

The toolkit is divided into three parts.

Part A: Be informed, sets out the essentials of community waste management, focusing on both the challenges and the opportunities.

Part B: Be prepared, breaks down the process of understanding the different materials in waste, how they can be recycled into new products, and the key considerations to starting a community-scale project with waste.

Part C: Be inspired, provides inspiration and how-to guides so that people can gain the necessary skills to transform waste into a resource.

About the award:

The ISWA Publication Award has been created with the intention of honoring the author(s) of a publication, article or book which is deemed to be exceptional in its contribution to the field of solid waste management. Each year, ISWA’s panel of expert judges recognise the publication which they feel offers the most valuable contribution to the promotion of sustainable waste management.

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