Communities around the world have been responding to COVID – read how your donation to WasteAid has made a difference.

The informal settlement of Kwa-Muhia in Kenya is home to some 7,000 people, many of whom live below the poverty line. WasteAid has been working in partnership with the Kwa Muhia Environmental Group since 2019 to help improve the way household waste is managed.

When the global COVID pandemic hit, the priority for Kwa-Muhia swiftly became one of public sanitation: keeping the community healthy and resilient to the spread of coronavirus. WasteAid launched a special fundraising mission to support the most vulnerable people in the community, with a particular focus on supporting team members in the Kwa-Muhia Environmental Group (KMEG) as they carry the burden of protecting the health of their community.

Hand washing station in Kwa Muhia 2

With no formal sanitation or waste management services, the challenges of maintaining a healthy population have never been more critical.  Thanks to generous donations from WasteAid supporters, KMEG were able to pivot their UK Aid funded project to address the most pressing needs of the local population.

KMEG hand washing and COVID resilience posters
KMEG litter collection

Since April, with your help the KMEG team has been able to:


  • Install and maintain hand washing stations within the settlement
  • Conduct regular training sessions for vulnerable adults and children in handwashing and COVID-preparedness
  • Regularly disinfect public areas such as the bus terminal, and gates and entrances to buildings
  • Install publicity posters with COVID-19 awareness information
  • Revise standard operating procedures to keep staff safe
  • Provide personal protective equipment for staff, and
  • Install a washing machine and changing facility to improve hygiene standards.
KMEG disinfecting public areas 2
Hand washing station in Kwa Muhia 3

This new work plan has increased operating costs and has been delivered alongside KMEG’s waste management and recycling activities. The KMEG team would like to extend their gratitude to WasteAid and generous donors for the extended support when KMEG and Kwa-Muhia community was indeed in need.

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